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Natural Swimming Ponds 

Natural Swimming Ponds Cornwall

There is nothing like the experience of swimming in fresh, chemical free water. This is why the popularity of all natural ponds and Cornwall's all natural swimming pools has taken off in recent years. These swimming pools are biologically filtered using micro-organisms and plants to balance the water chemistry giving a clean clear swimming experience. 
Traditional pools are rarely aesthetically pleasing especially through the winter months. Natural swimming pools and ponds sit more comfortably in their surroundings. Natural materials including boulders, timber and decking as well as plants in and around the pool can be used to create a natural look with all year round interest. The lack of chemicals also means the water is friendly to wildlife as well as the environment. 
We partner with some of the country’s leading natural pool and swimming pond experts including Clear Water Revival and Inspired Natural Pools. Together we can design pools and filtration systems to best suit the needs and location of our clients.

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