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Bring the Inside Outside

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Garden Furniture
Funky Yellow Seating

Bring the inside out: With our increasingly busy lifestyles, we should consider the garden an outside room – an extension of the house. This way, it becomes our sanctuary, a place to unwind and make the most of the outdoor lifestyle that many of us love about living in Cornwall. More than ever the garden is becoming our sitting room, kitchen and dining room and this year, outdoor seating, fire pits, hideaways and outdoor kitchens will continue to be a priority.

Vegetable Garden
Cornish Vegetable Gardens

Grow your own: Many of us are increasing the amount of fresh fruit and veg that we eat, so why not

grow your own? Not only can you ensure your food’s provenance, it’s incredibly satisfying eating what you’ve grown. Whether you’re just beginning or are an experienced ‘allotmenteer’, growing your own is only set to grow in popularity, whether it’s in pots, ornamental borders or dedicated vegetable gardens.

Add some colour: Although the palette of cool pastels and silvers remains popular, hot reds, yellows

and oranges are making a comeback, with species like dahlias and chrysanthemums gaining popularity. Planted against a dark foliage backdrop or contrasting coloured wall or fence, they make a real statement. Alternatively, a colourful piece of furniture on a dark slate patio can look fabulous!

Exotic Plants
Exotic Plants in Cornwall

Go natural: Instead of trying to tame your natural environment, why not work with it instead? Even the smallest corner can be given over to promote bio-diversity; an area of grass can be left to grow longer or sown with wild flowers. Many of the popular perennials and grasses are ideal for providing habitat and food sources to attract birds and insects. Making landscaping choices in harmony with nature can be incredibly rewarding and certainly does not mean compromise!

Mid Cornwall Landscaping are there to help you with all your garden and landscaping needs for 2019, offering advice, design and even a full planting and construction service. Why not give the team a call and get your project off the ground?

01726 884040 or email us

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